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Steps to Download videos from facebook

  1. Copy Facebook Video URL
  2. Now click on the Download button
  3. Finally, Select Low or High Quality video format.


What is Facebook?

Facebook Video Downloader


Facebook is a social media platform based in California. The platform was founded by Mark Zuckerberg along with his fellow four Harvard College friends Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes.

Facebook is the most popular social network and one of the top 4 tech giants in the world. It also acquired Instagram, Whatsapp, and Oculus.

About Save facebook video


Save Facebook Video is a Facebook to MP4 converter that can be used to download facebook videos easily. SaveFacebookVideo is one of the leading Facebook converters or facebook video grabbers which can convert any video to MP4 format. As Facebook doesn't allow you to save videos offline we need a Facebook Converter to do so. It is one of the most secure and scalable video downloaders available on the web. Lastly, this is how you can rip a video from facebook or save videos from facebook. You can also download private videos from Facebook.


How to save Facebook videos?

  1. Copy and Paste the link of the video from Facebook
  2. Now Click on the "Download" button and the video will be grabbed
  3. Once the video will be fetched from Facebook two options will be available on your screen - "Download High-Quality" and "Low Quality"
  4. You can select any of the option provided above
  5. Lastly, you will be redirected to the video
  6. Finally, you can save the video by Right Click and Save Video option

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why you developed this website?

    We developed this tool for our personal use which later became the public demand and was converted into this website. SaveFacebookVideo helps millions of people online who want to download Facebook videos on their devices.

  • Can we download live Facebook videos?

    No, you can't download live videos from Facebook while streaming but it can be downloaded after completion of streaming.

  • Is there any limit to the files I can convert on your site?

    No, there are no limitations you can download as many files as possible. Our services are for free you can use the service as much you want.

  • Can I use Savefacebookvideo on my Android phone?

    Yes, you can use this web application on any mobile device which has an access to the internet.

  • How many Formats are supported by Savefacebookvideo?

    You have two formats available SD and HD formats.

  • Why you have developed Savefacebookvideo?

    Savefacebookvideo was created for our own use to download videos from YouTube but later became online because of public demand. Read more about Savefacebookvideo at About Page.

  • Why I can't Download some videos from Facebook?

    Some Facebook videos are locked due to which it is not possible to download all the videos from Facebook. These locked videos need signature to get fetched through our tool as we are trying to improve our service, soon locked videos will also be able to get downloaded. Meanwhile, you can convert other videos which can be downloaded.

  • Can I Download Long videos from Facebook?

    Yes, you can download long hour videos from Facebook such as Movies and TV shows.

  • Can I contact you if any error occurs?

    Yes, you can contact us at support@savefacebookvideo.com anytime or go to the Contact Page and fill up the form.

  • Where are these videos saved after being downloaded?

    These videos can be saved on your computer in whatever folder you want. Normally, the default folder will be chosen by the browser itself and you can also manually choose the folder in which you want to save the videos.

  • Why the video is only playing instead of downloading?

    You can download the video by using the Right-Click -> Save as to download the file into your computer. On mobile devices hold finger on the screen until you see a download or save option.

  • Does SaveFacebookVideo.com keep searched or converted videos?<

    No, we do not keep any pirated content and it is not officially associated with Facebook. All the videos are directly downloaded to the user's computer.